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Right after Operating many years from the Airline business, retiring in 1993, I uncover This web site not simply appealing and historical, but have also viewed the names of a number of the fantastic people today I possibly labored with aspect by facet, but These also who I knew working with other airline co’s.

I would increase thet Nationwide Airlines had been not only the primary airline by having an all jet run fleet, it absolutely was also the initial U.S. airline to fly jets on domestic routes. It flew from JFK to MIA having a leased Pan Am 707.

This surely brings back so many Recollections from my travels over time. My spouse and children andI have taken Several of those defunct air traces on our many travels.

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i appreciated this Web page a lot. I have flown on The majority of these airlines. It brought again good Recollections of The nice aged days (when I was A great deal younger) with no obligations aside from getting exciting and traveling. Thanks a great deal

On one aspect of this map was the entire “major airlines” at that time,On the opposite facet was most of the minimal “puddle jumpers ” that went to each of the smaller sized cities.

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and at the top we survive. We've been similar to a household and our ID is recognized all around the entire world. – Stop by click on Mario Mayorga on a mission.

I’m making the most of your site and also the nostalgia. I flew on a lot of All those defunct carriers, my initial flight remaining on Mohawk. I don't forget paying 10 cents to climb the stairs to sit down in the observation deck to watch planes consider off and land.

When you talked about that Western was referred to as the Champagne Airline, what actually caught Anyone’s attentions were our adds that had the “Wally Chicken” sitting within the tail saying, “Western Airways, The only real Technique to Fly” (and he, the bird, might be sipping a glass of champagne or smoking cigarettes a cigar) not to mention one of our Places would flash across the monitor.

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In 1995 confronted with bankruptcy once again, the airline cut all jet solutions in the state of Alaska and concentrated on its Denver hub, The brand new MarkAir headquarters.

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